Blood Drive


5th Annual Blood Drive

When:Saturday March 4, 2017 @ 3:00pm

Where: Sierra High School 33330 Lodge Road, Tollhouse CA

Why:   When Joshua was in the hospital, there was a shortage of his blood-type and he was going through an average of 6 units of blood per day.  His type was O –   Mark and Monica overheard the doctors talking about the concern of the blood shortage.   When the news got out that blood was needed,  over 500 blood  donations were made  to the Central California Blood Center and  many more donations were received through a network of   churches spanning  from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and even Africa.  We would love to start a tradition to hold a blood drive in our community in honor of Joshua in February every year, not only to thank the ones who donated for him, but more importantly to help out other families who are facing  the same situation.

2017 Blood Drive Flyer

If you are unable to make it to this particular blood drive, that’s okay.   You can donate blood at any blood bank, any time and just mention Joshua’s name,  and it will be recognized. You can save up to three lives in just one visit.