About Josh

Joshua Mark Hansen


Joshua Mark Hansen was born on May 6, 2002 in Fresno California. His original home was in Kerman, California. Josh grew up there until he was four years old. Then the Hansen family made the move to Auberry, California and settled into the mountain community right away. Josh showed an interest in sports which was part of the reason his family settled in so quickly. He was dedicated to any sport he was a part of; some of the sports he was particularly interested in were soccer, baseball, basketball, and snowboarding. In addition to the sports he played, he had a pressing urge to always stay active by getting involved in other recreational hobbies such as riding motorcycles, playing outside, riding bikes, and playing video games.  He also enjoyed working with his dad as the assistant to a pool technician during the times he was not in school.


In the first week of February Joshua contracted a sickness that appeared to be the common flu.  After a couple days of the sickness, he started to show alarmingly high temperature spikes and asthma attacks. By Sunday early morning he looked much better and was feeling well again. At 9:00 am his temperature spiked again and he was showing signs of oxygen starvation with blue lips and fingernails. He was promptly rushed to the hospital for emergency care. After a few hours and extensive testing Joshua was put under and rushed to Valley Children’s Hospital via  ambulance.  After being there until late Sunday night it was determined that a hospital with better available resources and more sophisticated equipment was needed.  He was transported to Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital located in Stanford, California on a 4 hour ambulance ride in critical condition. Miraculously, he made the journey and was under close watch by over a dozen medical professionals. Further testing done by the doctors in Stanford showed that Josh had contracted a bacterial pneumonia along with a severe staph infection and an uncommon strand of the flu virus. He was put in the Pediatric  Intensive Care Unit (PICU) on life support so his immune system could keep up with the sicknesses attacking his body. The sickness he had contracted is extremely uncommon and even more uncommon in young healthy children, especially males.  Only a few people a year come to the Stanford Medical Center with this particular illness.  After over two weeks of a roller coaster of okay days and really bad days, his illness was declared terminal and that nothing else could be done to save his life.


Joshua means a lot to his family, friends, and community; and because of all the support, Josh is now in the hearts of more people across the globe than ever before.  He will leave a lasting imprint on all who knew him.


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